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Will´s Canga

Will's Canga, an SAG-AFTRA actor , is a man who has graced the stage for many years, captivating the hearts of thousands in the International Community.

Breeding Stallions

Born of an Ecuadorian family, Will's made a name for himself in Spain and various countries worldwide. Will's came to America and has been working in the entertainment industry and quietly developing the brand that he will have for the next chapter in his acting career. In addition to the movie roles in production, the tv-series pilot in the making, and other production projects that he is currently working on, Will's has decided to contribute his time to reach out to the youth in the Latin community through a non-profit organization called Dream Builders Academy. Through this organization, Will's hopes to reach out and inspire young children to believe in their dreams. Will's Canga is bringing back the elegance and the sophistication that was once "Hollywood," with a heart-felt cause to make a difference in the lives of generations to come. Will's Canga is honored to be chosen as a spokes person for Dream Builders Academy and has pledged to inspire the heart of every child he meets."